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Comments on the “productivity chapter” by Fraser Mackenzie

“The productivity discussion is one that we as a nation badly need. Anything we can do to raise the awareness generally is to be welcomed. It seems to me that continuous productivity improvements in the economy at large have taken a back seat over the last 10 -15 years largely because of the resources boom, what that did for our terms of trade, in some ways making things too easy. Driving productivity is not always easy particularly on a long term basis. Now that this once in a lifetime boom has not only ended but reversed the income trend, it’s not too late to get back to basics, in fact it is essential, if we are to maintain our standards of living. Whilst I understand the aspiration to embrace productivity and see that potentially as a long term competitive advantage, I’m not sure that we’re anywhere near first base in the process i.e. closing the gap. The awareness, understanding and consequences of following or not following this path does not seem to me to be widely understood in the community at large.

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Praise for Australia 2034

“Very often management books seek to provide guidance on how to react to major trends and provide prescriptions for managers on what to do next. What distinguishes Australia 2034, luckier by design, is that having identified the major forces shaping our future, it does not fall for the trap of trying to predict specific futures, but rather concentrates on the need to build the right culture and capabilities in a firm to enable it to thrive in the face of those forces. It is a very accessible and worthwhile read.

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